Steve Lydon- Sax/Horns


Saxophonist Steve Lydon is a product of the Big Band and Blues Scene from the Boston area and has traveled to perform in San Antonio, Honolulu, Seattle, Louisville, Chicago, New York and Washington DC. After studying under the great Tom Ferrante, Steve took a long hiatus from music to join the Marine Corps, begin a career as a Firefighter and to raise a family. When he decided to get back into music, he dusted off his saxophones and went looking for places to practice and play. After re-honing his skills, he started playing with various bands in the Boston area including the sought after Party of 9 Band. Being a big fan of saxophonist Alto Reed, Steve has always dreamt of putting together a Bob Seger Tribute band. When the opportunity came after meeting drummer Kevin Burke at a Blues Jam; they planned it out, pulled the trigger and LIVE BULLET was born. Steve is currently also a member of the famed “Soft Touch Swing Band” makes special appearances with the McMurphy’s, The Power Brokers, Blueslip 82 and other bands in the Boston area. Steve still loves to hit as many Blues Jams as he can, and can be found laying down a riff or two in the studio.

Quote: I surrounded myself with the best musicians I could find, this band is awesome.